Oil sump assembly and gas tightness detection solution

Oil sump assembly and gas tightness detection solution

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Assembly test production line for engine oil sump

The assembly detection line of engine oil sump assembly is mainly used for engine oil bottom shell assembly and air tightness leak detection, which is composed of oil release bolt assembly machine, air tightness testing machine, rivet riveting machine, marking machine, conveyor line and upper and lower material manipulator.

Key words: air tightness tester, oil pan leak test machine, oil sump assembly machine

The products adapted to the solution include all kinds of oil pan.

Test pressure: 0.07Mpa

Electric tightening machine: Desoutter

Leak test instrument: far intelligence A810 air tightness leak detector

Detection of rhythms: 22S

Leakage rate: 5Pa/s

Control system: PLC

Equipment size: 850mm (long) x 730mm (wide) x 1800 (high)