Free air tightness test service

In order to better serve the broad customers of "far intelligence technology", the "far intelligence technology" laboratory expands the range of free test service in August 1, 2014. We will arrange for the special personnel to receive the samples you send, and the sample test report and complete test data file after the sample is finished.

All the customers interested in the "far intelligence" gas leak detector can send their samples to the company's laboratory, and our technicians will provide you with unpaid sample test service. According to the results of the test, we will cooperate with the company's R & D team to recommend the suitable instrument for you, and develop the product application methods for specific samples, so as to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for the customers from the application requirements of the product to the product R & D and the product application.

The process of customer application test sample is: first fill in the "customer information registration form" and click download, Email to whj@hfyzat.com. After receiving the mail, we will confirm the first time with you. After confirmation, you only need to send the sample to us.

Beloved new and old customers:

Thank you for choosing the air tightness tester and air tightness leak detection equipment of Hefei far intelligence company. As the most professional air tightness test instrument manufacturer in China, we will strengthen the user's support and after-sales service, improve the service quality and carry out the national unified star service standard in the whole country.

• pre sale services

Product Advisory Service

Free sample test services and reports: the staff of the company's laboratory are willing to help you solve any problems in the sample pretreatment and reduce the burden of your work. A free sample preparation test is provided for you to verify the performance of the instrument, and to determine the most suitable instrument for your special application. As long as you send us your sample and fill in the sample characteristic sheet, you will get a test report about the sample you sent.

• after-sales service

If you have already purchased the products of far intelligence company, there are any problems of use or instrument, or need to get further information, you can call our company. Or contact us on the website to contact us to describe your needs. We have professional technicians, experts and factory experts to help you solve the problem.

The gas tightness detector and leak detector in Hefei remote intelligent production are the detection instrument developed by embedded system, the human-computer interaction interface, and the operation is very simple

Specific operation steps:

1. connect the instrument to the factory gas source

2. power supply for connecting instruments

3. set up the detection parameters

4. adjust the pressure of detection

5. connection workpiece

6. detector start detection