Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the base of competition. As the first resource of enterprise, far intelligence technology regards talents as the basic prerequisite for the development of enterprises, and regards respecting talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, and promoting the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of the talent strategy. In the practice of human resources, far intelligent automation technology is good at providing all kinds of talents with the stage to fully display their talents, so that they can make the best use of their talents and make the best use of them. At the same time, through various effective ways, the management level of human resources and the comprehensive quality of talents are constantly improved, and the mutual development of enterprises and employees will be promoted, and the employees can share the achievements of the enterprise development, realize the common development and share the success.

First, people can do their best and make the best use of them

Far intelligent automation technology, adhering to the people-oriented concept of enterprise management, persists in attracting people with broad prospects for development and inspiring people with a good career goal. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective talent mechanism, create a positive and good environment for talent growth, to provide each employee with a full stage of talent, and through continuous creation of personal development opportunities, so that all kinds of talents have the opportunity and platform to achieve success and realize self value.

In the use of people, far intellectual automation technology adhere to the concept of respect for talents, respect for creation, not only educational ability, not only diploma level, use people to see performance, ability to see the potential. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee, let the staff love their job and do their best, and do the best, the best and the best.

Two, common development, sharing success

Without employees' efforts, there will be no enterprise's success, no enterprise's success and no employee's success. It is the concept of talent development that far wisdom automation technology has consistently adhered to to enable employees and enterprises to grow together and develop together. Far smart automation technology encourages employees to integrate their own development with long-term planning of the company to provide employees with multiple growth paths and development models. As a platform for employee development, promotion and Realization of value, the automation technology of far intelligence creates good conditions for every employee to provide a broad development space for every determined employee, so that employees can generate the greatest potential and realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

Far wisdom automation technology insists on the principle of equality and caring for talents. There is no difference in status between people, only duty is different. The company respects employees' individuality and pursuit, encourages their employees to improve their abilities, and agrees with their achievements. At the same time, we should adhere to the concept of developing the employees, developing the employees, developing the achievements and employees, paying attention to the interests of the enterprises and employees, advocating the unity and cooperation between the enterprises and employees, creating and sharing the value together in the work, finally realizing the common development between the enterprises and the employees, and sharing the win-win situation of success.

People oriented - the staff of the company as the basic strength to support the enterprise, the implementation of talent strategy, the construction of a full of passion, understand business, understand technology, can manage to suffer a quality of comprehensive talent team. Encourage employees to learn to become self-confident and self-confident. Strengthening the training and education of employees, using various methods of salary distribution to encourage employees to obtain security, sense of belonging, sense of achievement and economic security from the company, and fully mobilize and embody the value of employees' life.

Honesty and integrity -- integrity should be the basic characteristic of the company and its employees. Honesty is the foundation of the company's employees, the way of doing things, the way of doing things, the spirit of integrity, and every job and everything. The company image and personal image of employees are based on honesty and integrity.