Calibration service

In our lab, we calibrate service instruments and standard leak parts with accurate calibration certificates. Far wise company is a manufacturer of gas leak detector, which is qualified locally.

What is calibration? Calibration is the relationship between the set value of the tester (the measuring equipment / measurement standard / reference material) and the specific standard values specified. Calibrated certified schoolbags contain corresponding measurement values and measurement uncertainties. It can contain the expression that allows maximum deviation. The industry needs calibration, for example, the parts produced in different places can be conveniently linked.

The purpose of calibration is correct and reliable measurement is the requirement of every high quality industrial production. Measurement and test equipment performance quantitative determination, as well as control, regulation and production automation. The use of all the facilities that can be used for calibration (including environmental conditions, such as measurement, auxiliary equipment) and the effectiveness of the accuracy and test results can be significantly affected. Calibration or sampling should be used before calibration.

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Far wise company recommends that your instrument be calibrated at least once a year. Obviously, according to your capacity, you may need to check it more often. Throughout the year, you can use the calibration leak or manual calibration of the nozzles. But if you need to check the different values of several instruments, we suggest you use our leak flow corrector.

However, we suggest that at least once a year, let our technicians re calibrate the sensors of the instrument so that your equipment can be traced back to international standards. No matter how long you decide to check it, our technicians all over the world can serve you in your company or our service center.