A890 Air Leak Tester

A890 Air Leak Tester

Product Introduction:

A890 high voltage series is an instrument with stable performance, high accuracy and tightness.

The maximum test pressure is 900Kpa

Touch screen display and operation

Test pressure arbitrary selection function

Waterproofing, oil, dust, etc

All import configuration, assembly type installation, good stability

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technical Parameter:

Display unit Test pressure kPa,Mpa、bar,PSI
Leakage PaPa/smL/min
Mainframe size 312L×277W×155H
Resolution accuracy ±1%±5%F.S
Minimum display 0.1Pa
Display range 0~±1999.9Pa
Precision guarantee range 0~±2000Pa
Sensor range 0~±2000Pa
Test pressure range 50-900kPa
Pressure resistance of sensor 13.8MPa
Leakage volume display The number of integers is 3 bits, and the mL decimal number is 1.
Display sampling frequency 10HZ
Leaking upper and lower limits Less than 1999.9Pa
Parameter channel number 32group132
Time setting 0~999s
Hardware 32bitCPU
Power Supply AC220V±5%,50HZ
Test pressure source In general, dry clean air using 0.2~0.3MPa higher than the test pressure.
ambient temperature The temperature is 5~40 centigrade.
The preservation temperature is 0 ~ 70 C
Humidity 80%RH, below, no condensation
Control the IO interface Open circuit collector specification interface and relay output

Remarks: the height of the screws on both sides is 2mm

Performance Characteristics:

5.4 inch touch screen display, the Chinese interface is clear and easy to understand.

It is convenient to analyze the detection process by checking the waveform.

The differential pressure resolution (1Pa) is of high precision.

The multi-channel parameter "32 sets" can easily select and set the parameter channel.

8 way output control, 8 way control input;

It has manual test mode and automatic test mode.

It has RS232 level output of serial port.

The remote control contacts are rich, can connect to PLC, and can directly drive external devices (such as cylinders, etc.).

The output terminals can be manually adjusted to make the external control more flexible.

The function of coating is that when the soapy water is used to soak the bubbles, the instrument remains in a state of keeping pressure.

The latest 10000 sets of test data can be saved, and the test results can be querying according to the date.

The result of leak detection is automatically stored.

It has rich data statistics and analysis functions.

Have the function of power cut memory protection

Quality analysis: through the analysis and classification of the detected products, improve the analysis and classification of the quality of the products.

Leakage value calculation: simple and quick calculation of differential pressure leakage value and flow leakage value, help process and operator calculate leakage data quickly.

Low voltage test: DC24V safe voltage

Additional charges are required:

1. use U disk to export data function; export data is EXCEL, easy to edit on computer.

2. can directly drive printers or wireless scanning guns (specified type).

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